Saturday 17 May 2014

A wonted symbiotic relation

He lost his parents before he could retain any memory and created a void in his heart which he filled with anger against the world.

Being punished by his teacher that day, for he wasn't able to identify alphabets, he banged the door open and started throwing the neat bolster into disarray.

She came rushing in with a weak earthenware pot and a toy hammer (for she had now started to identify with him) and handed it to him requesting him to finish the chore for her.

He rampantly clobbered the earthenware till the smallest pieces straggled along the floor and on disgorging his anger completely, looked at her with a guilty yet satisfied face, "Didi, I'm sorry I created a mess here. Will this mitti be useful to you now?"

"This is even finer than last time, exactly what I wanted, though I hope I didn't give you much trouble", she replied and smiled, to which he beamed and hugged her tight.

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This was my submission for Five sentence fiction. This week's topic was INNOCENCE.
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  1. You created innocence in a small but powerful way. Well done.
    Here is my 5SF:

    1. Thank you McGuffy Ann Morris! Such comments always inspire.

  2. This was powerful and poignant. Praise God for Didi's love and wisdom. You wrote this beautifully.

    God bless you,

    1. Thank you Cherly!
      'Didi' is a hindi for for an elder sister. I believe she really is God's gift! But its the relationship with her sibling that makes her so special.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment :)

  3. Love it , at such young age your writing has certain maturity to it which keeps the readers hooked !

    1. And I know there's still a long way to go!
      Thank you, shreetu.


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