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BlogAdda Game of Blogs; Team ByLines: chapter 14

Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 13
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“And now, the Earth too is on the verge of being demolished,” said the familiar voice again. This time, his calmness met a subtle current of worry.

 The room, unlike the previous one where the kundalini meditation was taught, was fully lighted.
But the man was undoubtedly the same.  The yellow tinge from the green lights made the hall look cryptic. He addressed more than a hundred straight faces and slouchy bodies. With black suits covering every inch of their body in the greenish-yellow hued hall, their snow-white masked faces remained their only identity. The numerous black figures merged perfectly with the black seats and black walls of the hall. The man addressing them too wore a shiny black suit and was wearing a mask. His young, amateurish looks contradicted with his heavy voice. He stood in front of them on a raised surface which resembled a stage. He did not use a mike. He spoke gently, swiftly and yet the person sitting at the farthest corner could hear him perfectly.

“I think history is about to be repeated. It happened to Phaester Osiris, the planet we all came from. It is no more habitable. We had unjustly used our powers. The mob was going crazy that evening. I still have memories of that night. Everybody wanted to get on the ship to Earth. We destroyed each other through our powers. That chaos, those screaming voices, mothers calling out to their children, lovers being separated. I can still hear them sometimes. It had rained tears and blood that day,” He looked up and he shivered from the remembered pain.

“Master, we need you to be strong. We cannot afford to lose you. Those memories will only keep killing you,” said a voice from the audience.

The master took a deep breath. “When Phaester Osiris, our home, was destroyed, creatures from that hot and dusky planet made Earth their home. We molded ourselves to look like humans. Gradually, our population increased as we inter-bred with the humans who were almost like us. We forgot about Phaester Osiris”, he continued.

A hand from the crowd rose and the figure stood up from his seat. “From what I know, Phaester Osiris crumpled down to pieces. Each piece gave birth to another habitat,” he almost whispered.
“Right, chief. And those who were still living there, they all got separated. Started living on different pieces of Phaester Osiris. Never met each other again. Some of them even died due to the agony they suffered,” Said the master, “We cannot let the same happen again. Throughout the history of its development, humanity has travelled a long road. From the primitive and limited, it graduated to the discovery of innumerable laws of nature, of social life and the achievements of modern technology.”

“Those people were done with their powers. They had seen the adverse use of it and swore to never use it again. The involvement of man in building a powerful world to suit its physical needs has gradually faded the memories of our inner power. He has forgotten the origin of his being.” The master continued.

“But do we not have another way? To remind them of their powers is a great risk we are taking. They might as well use it adversely again.” The chiefs spoke again.

“They will destroy the Earth if we do not show them another way. They will keep on depleting the Earth, ” answered the master.

“I agree. And we could always teach them the right way of using the power. We have the power and but remember not to use it in the wrong way. Why? Because we know the effects. Because we have been awakened. We shall awake them the right way.” Spoke up another chief.

“The risk shall still remain. Not everyone of them will have the positive quality lingering for long. Other ordinary humans might influence them. Worsening conditions might have an effect on their positive side,” spoke another.

Deluged with new discoveries, man is in the process of destroying his home, the Earth. We have to help them. The risk will always be there. We can only sublimate it by strengthening the powers of the right souls. The master is the most powerful, he knows everything,” said the first chief.

“Silence everyone. I know what I’m doing, where I’m leading you. We haven’t gone wrong until now and we shall not in future too. You are my strength. Now you must have faith in me. The cognition of reality has to be stirred,” said the master, “Only when the human race realizes their true self, their powers, will they stop depleting their planet and put their knowledge to practical application.”

He closed his eyes and looked around. He raised his hands wide, parallel to the ground with clenched his fists. When he opened them, two shiny strays of blue coloured light arose from his palms. It kept rising until it grew around a metre long. Then the two blue rods started fading and sent a deep transparent sheet towards each other. The sheet had the entire map of the Earth drawn on it. The master then opened his eyes.

“This. This is the location of most of the hidden powers.” He pointed at a red line blinking on the map. “As they are in close affinity with each other, it will not be very difficult to awaken them. But we must be very careful while giving them the information about their past. Only positive sides need to be stirred, remember. Do not touch their negative powers. Once they re-awaken themselves, the negativity will automatically die.”

“Master, we need Clariota. We have you, the most powerful of all. Your powers will keep dying if you do not have the support of another powerful soul. And you know none of us can handle your strengths. Only Clariota can do that. You have to reach to her,” said a chief.

“I will. You are right. We all need her. Her people need her,” The master paused, “We shall meet again. Until then, you, the chiefs must keep up with your work. Get more members in our team. Choose them correctly. And remember, I have chosen you all for a reason. Believe in yourselves. Come on, let’s go back to our own countries again and carry on.”

“Let the blaze free, We shall honour our Master!” All the chiefs cried in unison.

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