Sunday, 27 July 2014

The un-forked Flintstones

Writing for the Friday Fictioneers again. The photo prompt this week-

Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford
Photo courtesy- Mary Gail Stratford

“Mommy, why do we still live in caves?” asked Pebbles.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cover Reveal- 'Darkness Watching' by Emma Adams

Another enticing Urban-Fantasy by the dark and supernatural themed novelist Emma L. Adams. The world she creates in her books and short stories will impede you from the real world.

Her novel "Darkness Watching". initially released in Oct 2013 is set to Re-Release in September 2014. This is the first part of the Dark World Series that she is coming up with. Here is the cover of her the novel "Darkness Watching"-

Saturday, 19 July 2014

My Black List

I believe the color black is a pliant color. It can stand for power as well as fear, for mystery as well as strength, for elegance and at the same time for aggression.

Among all the emotions the color BLACK can bring about, I believe Black is Brilliant. Here is a list of 5 Black items that I wish for, in that order- 

1A BLACK AIRPLAY SPEAKER-  Because Black is the silence that music creates.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Paragons of virtue- Story of a Mardani

This is the story of a woman of substance. A woman, who rose to defend her identity in the male dominant society that we live in. A woman who had found love in a man, and then chose to kill it ; because there was another love she had to protect. A woman I call MARDANI.

She is a Christian. She loved a Muslim. Religious differences could not keep them apart. In the society that we Indians live in today, marrying your daughters off in another religion is still not readily accepted, she was aware. But she had found love and she wasn't letting go.

Friday, 11 July 2014

The Quintet of Radiance Award

The sweetheart that Reema D'souza is, she decided to list my blog among the receivers of Quintet of Radiance Award! And so Shall We Call It a Tale landed up receiving another award. This one is a bag of five awards puffed into one! Quintuple happiness. 
Reema and I got in touch recently and I've been following her blog since then. She has amazing creativity in her head which flows as smoothly in her writings. I've met only a few bloggers nearly my age, she's one and I'm glad! Visit her at Reem Writes

Thursday, 10 July 2014

That kind of love

Hola everybody! I missed two weeks of friday fictioneers, and missed it I did. Anyhow, I'm back for this week's photo prompt and hopefully here to stay.

This week's beautiful photo is by Kelly Sands, only adding another photo to my collection of sky-photos from around the world! Thank you Kelly, as to you too Rochelle. And a special Thank-you to Kent!

Photo courtesy - Kelly Sands

I felt the texture of the cotton sheets beneath me, which I had clutched on to tightly. While excruciating pain passed from under my delicate skin, I felt an aching satisfaction. Words could not describe how elated I felt in his presence.

Now the silence inside the room pierced through me. The turmoil outside reflected the uproar of emotions in me.

"It was a mistake. I'm sorry" he said.

Still naked, I gazed into the vastness outside my window and felt myself fading away. He had made a mistake, I had found love.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Long have lived Atticus' words

If you've read To Kill a Mocking Bird, you'll understand the following better. If you haven't, Here's the link- read chapter 23. And get your copy ASAP! 

Tom was now seventy miles away from his family. In Alabama, there was never a black-innocent man. Deluged myself, I inundated upon Atticus. 

Something came between the reasonable men and reason.

 It was all adding up and we’re still paying the bills.

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

And that's my Tale #WOW post #UBC (day 6)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time-Your life is going to be made into a novel! Write an introduction for this novel. How will you creatively reflect on your life spent?

She went across the fields to avoid the straight highways, only to find firing lines longed with people shooting at the cost of their lives, and hills converted to crosses. Like a shadow of the day she reached her place and looked down at the cross with her name inscribed on it. When the firing ends, she thought to herself, there will be somebody who comes to these graves in search of a life. To him, she must do justice. She must guide, enlighten and awaken them through a new world and gift them the spirit of the love and hope. And he, the wanderer, shall give birth to this new world. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ayesha's Birthday Eve

Ayesha was going to complete her 11 years of living, that summer. After much discourse, her mother had decided to take her to Darjeeling during her vacations. She was thrilled. The fact that she could celebrate her birthday in a different corner of the world every year was exciting, though secretly she still wished she would have been born during a working month to be able to celebrate with her friends and classmates. She always envied the other girls, they got to wear pretty dresses to school, they were the center of attraction the entire day and the others were all obligingly sweet to them- only in hope for that one extra KitKat. It was the new trend in her school. The birthday baby got 5 extra chocolates to school, which she would give to her 5 special friends in the break time, after the chocolate-distribution-ceremony held in the class. The rule was, if you have been given an extra chocolate by someone, you are well supposed to be giving your special chocolate back to her on your birthday. And well, everybody knew Ayesha's birthday was during summer vacations. The result was that she never really was treated with someone's special chocolate.