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Editor and Compiler along with being one of the authors of "A Little Chorus Of Love"

"A Little Chorus Of Love" is an anthology. It's theme is 'Love through ages'. Love is an emotion that embraces several hues and shades within us all. This book, very close to all our hearts, simply follows the same idea and assembles 24 different writers portraying love in a form they acknowledge the best. 
24 authors, 24 stories set in different time periods, 24 facets of this one emotion.

You can buy the book on Amazon here and on Flipkart here

Published in an anthology- Blank Space (volume 1) by Propel Steps

Volume 1 of Blank Space - "Filled with Inspiration" is an Anthology of 100 Inspirational Short Stories by 100 Writers on various aspects of life and the society. The book walks you through almost all colors and shades of life, but tied together with one thread called Inspiration.
To read my story "The Seasonal Boy", get the book here.

Author at Storizen

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Published in Writer's Ezine, August 2014 Issue 

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The Quiescent of Radiance Award by Reema D'souza

The Liebster Award by Crimson Curls

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