Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Babli too has a right to toilets


Myself Babli. I am 12 years old. I live in Chember. Chember is a small village in your big India. You cannot locate it on map. My Maa tells me that there are many small villages in big India. Hazaaro! Arey 5 are near my Chember only, Sacchi.

I live very interesting life. I wake. I bath. I do pooja. I jhadoo. Then I go to school also. In the evening I am free. So mother makes me go to the nearby big village to get water for next day. I love to go to nearby village. Ask why? Because there I can do susu without fear. Hehe!

Nearby village has big homes, big schools, big wells, big water pumps and toilets also. You must be thinking why I need toilets. Actually there are no toilets in my village. I do susu and potty in open only. Each morning I walk 1 km and reach the place to my toilet. You know, like dogs have their own places to pee and they divide territories that way, same to same with our village. We have our own places to pee. Our village people no less than dogs.