Friday 27 June 2014

Saturday Photohunt

What better theme for Saturday photo-hunt than "skies"?!

I want to say so much about my love for skies, clouds, the vastness but I'm going to shut up and just post two photos that I took last evening. One while I was on my way to home. The other taken when I was home, from my window.

PS- Both are taken from my mobile, I'm sorry for that. Did not have a camera around. The quality is still not THAT bad. Have a look.

The one on the way home. ©SoumyaaVerma

This is the setting sun.

The one from my window, back home. ©SoumyaaVerma


  1. You're right - the quality isn't bad at all! :)

    1. The phone cameras these days I tell you. I have so much fun clicking with even my phone. :D

  2. It is amazing how much better phone cameras have gotten!

    Great shots for this week's theme.

    Have a super weekend.

    1. I know right! It's almost equivalent to the older versions of professional cameras. And who isn't loving it?!

      Thank you :) you too have a great weekend.

      - love,

  3. Your phone might actually be better than my camera...Very cool pictures :)

  4. Wow the contrast in the shades of d clouds is so artistic:D:D


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