Monday 15 June 2015

Energized with #MaxFreshMove

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So I'm gonna talk about how some exuberating music and enthusiastic grooving made a sad and lifeless situation nothing less than a joy to live! 

I work with an event management team. We became excessively excited when we heard from two amazing artists, Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun. Who doesn't know these two? 

Anushka rose to popularity by forming the first India girl pop band, VIVA!. I remember distinctly how I became her fan instantly, she had that charisma, a go-getter personality and vibrancy in her. 

When she performed live for the first time, she had me awestruck. I was swept off my feet by the magic of her voice and the mystique of her personality! And now was the time I'd finally get to work with her. My happiness had no bounds!


And then on the other side was Allu Arjun. A south Indian actor, he flaunts several awards and recognition to his name. He is known for his jaw-dropping moves on the dance floor and his action sequences. When he dances, you literally forget the world, moving into the world he takes you in through his steps. It's mesmerizing!


 So then these two called in and we discussed the details over cups of coffee. All our excitement turned to nervousness and apprehension when we learnt that they wanted to perform in a HOSPITAL! How was that even possible?! We'd never get the permission to hold a singing and dancing event in any damn hospital.

"Hospitals, you see, are places filled with gloom, miserableness, mourn. We want to convert the melancholy and doleful environment of a hospital to one of cheerfulness, of spirit, of life!" Said Anushka.

"Exactly!", Allu supported her. "Why not transform those forlorn figures and their hopelessness into radiant and jovial beings. You know what they say about hospitals, it's not the disease that pulls the man down, it's his mental state when he is diseased."

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I was absolutely taken in by Allu's statement and I liked their idea too. And yet, we did'nt really think it was possible.
"And permission? I believe hospitals are silent buildings. You can't just go in and start playing your instruments loud." I interrupted them.

"What instruments? I'll play my guitar and sing and Allu will dance on my music. We won't need a band there. We aren't taking the patients out to a concert! Just some mood lifting entertainment." Replied Anushka.

"We really want to do this for them. They need to put some life in their lives! Only if they have the thirst to live can the doctors help them fight for their life. Right?" Allu Arjun did make a point there.

And before we knew, it was all done. We were going to the hospital the very next day. I was excited to be witnessing their performance so closely but I was anxious too. I wondered if they could really make an ailing man forget of his ailment, while he was still in pain.

The next morning, with packed gifts and goodies for the patients, we entered the hospital. The hallway was crowded with lost souls and reeking of illness, the rooms were as cold as dead skin. The smell of freshly applied anti-bacterias filled our nostrils and had a rather gloomy feel about them. We entered the general ward and saw the depressed faces of people there. 

       Image result for gloomy hospital   Image result for gloomy hospital

However much the scene saddened us, we went on with smiling faces and started distributing the goodies to people, who tried to smile back but we knew the smiles meant nothing for them! And just then, we heard the guitar play. One tune at a time, soft and steady. It was Anushka. She started playing her song Behke Behke from the movie Aisha. Accompanied by her crisp voice, she slowly got us all in the mood and people sat up straight on their beds, curiously.

The next song she started was Golmal and that's when Allu Arjun made his entry. I didn't expect it, but the people really did cheer for him as he swayed to Anushka's voice. One after the other, the duo performed on Naughty Naughty, From Chandani Chawk to China, Ek main aur ek tu, Na Jaane amongst others. I could see the lifted spirit of the people and their delighted faces. The room now had a different aura from that we had entered into!

          Image result for anushka manchanda singing              Image result for anushka manchanda singing

The enthralling voice of Anushka filled the room with jest and the enthusiastic performance of Allu Arjun brought life into people. They two were like a breathe of fresh air in the doomed hospital. They were a relief to the people from their usual dismal thoughts. They swayed to her crisp, clear voice and were amazed by his Michelle Jackson dance steps. He was fantastic!

  Image result for allu arjun dancing        Image result for allu arjun dancing

And when Anushka started singing Dance Basanti and Bezuban phir se, that was it! The patients stepped out of their beds and started dancing along with Allu Arjun. He helped them match his steps and slowed down for the few who couldn't catch up. Even some doctors and nurses joined the group!

After an hour of performance, the two went on to bid goodbye to the people who just didn't want them to go! I stood there seeing how each and every one in the room looked blissful and beaming.

A doctor walked up to the centre of the room and announced, " From all of us here, we are so thankful to Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun for bringing some  radiance in our patient's lives and reminding them that this is not the end, that life could still be so beautiful if they wanted it to be. I've never seen their faces so bright and this room so fresh. You guys are such great performers!"

I remember that day so distinctively. It is easy to please a crowd in a concert, they are willing. The toughest audience to please would definitely be that in a hospital and I don't think anybody but Anushka and Arjun could have done it. They are such jolly performers, such an amazing pair! With her euphoric music and his sensational moves, I think they could rock any performance.

Here's to the two, cheers!

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