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BlogAdda Game of Blogs: Team ByLines- Chapter 26

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Things were falling into place. Truths were being revealed, secrets were being discovered and lessons were being taught. While majority of the people on Earth were still deep asleep, a group of people were concocting for a new dawn. The dawn was supposed to bring a new ray of hope and it was eagerly awaited.

Cool breeze blew against her face while Tara stood on the pavement. The restlessness of the past few days was gone. She scanned the sleeping people nearby cerebrally. Even after decades of not using her powers, she felt like she had never lost control of them. Within a couple of minutes, she was a master.

She heard the grievances of those people. Fear was so constant that it had amalgamated with every feeling that a human could feel. They all feared destruction. All of them. As much as she wanted to sympathize, Tara knew that it was them who had invited this menace. Now, she was all ready to reverse the effects that human activities had created on the Earth. She did not know how long it could take or how much of her power will be consumed in this. The Grand Master had hinted that they might even have to sacrifice a few lives to save the billions on Earth; a few lives including her own. She thought about her family, about her loving husband and her innocent daughter. She wanted to live with them, for them. I tear escaped her eye as she fought with her feelings. If she grew weak now, the end was inevitable. It was in the interest of everybody including her family that she look past them and at the greater good. She drew in a deep breath and readied herself for the most important project in the universe then.

“Clariota, are you ready? We are beginning the session soon,” Cyrus’ voice urged from behind her. Tara, somehow, was still not comfortable with that name. It alienated her from the world she had been living in for the past decades.

“Cyrus, I realize we have very less time. It took you days to bring me back from my human state. How would we ever succeed in awakening thousand others in less than three days?” Tara asked, concerned.

“The Grand Master is back. His powers are unimaginable. He has spent decades travelling and searching for the truth, vitalizing his powers. You and I, the most powerful peacekeepers on Earth, could certainly not have done it alone. But we have him now. He has done the groundwork with his mind power. Now we only need to use the Galladium, like it was used on you.”

“Are they all here?”

“Some of them. We should start working on them without losing more time.”

Tara walked behind Cyrus as he led her inside. The room was no different. It was just as it had been when Tara had first seen it. She remembered her feelings on first coming here, seeing the Grand Master and sitting on the chair as one of his targets. The look on some five hundred faces in the room confirmed similar feelings. They were clueless as to why had they been brought here. The Great Master was nowhere to be seen. Tara went up to the stage and announced, “Fear not, my friends. We shall enlighten you about your own selves and we will answer all your questions. We are doing this for the greater good. Choosing the light will not only have a profound impact on your reality, but also on everyone whom you encounter. The ripple effect, we will call it, as your vibration increases, so does the vibration of those whom you encounter.” She could not even believe herself and in the confidence she had in her own words. It all felt so natural to her, as if she was meant to be a leader since always.

Cyrus looked at Tara, proudly. He was glad he could bring her back. The good old days were not far now. If Tara could embrace her character and her real self entirely, she will leave this selfish world and come with him where she belongs. They will grow old together and will keep serving their true purpose.

“We need you to put both your hands on the shoulders of the person sitting adjacent to you,” Tara continued. “Yes that way. Cyrus shall be holding your shoulders, the last person there. And I will be here, with the first one.” Cyrus went up to the last person seated in the arrangement and put a hand on his shoulders, just as he had done to Tara. Tara held the person sitting on the extreme right of the first row. “Remember, you will never be the same again. You are waking up from this deep slumber that the Earth has put you in.”

Just then the Grand Master entered with the same cubical box. It opened as he touched his forefinger on the box. The sparkling fumes arose out of the box. Everything in the room was almost blinding. The quantity of Galladium was huge this time. The people in the room were left enthralled. In the next two seconds he drew two vertical lines and a parabola facing upwards on all the five hundred foreheads in the room. Due to the presence of three superpowers in the room, the Galladium rushed through the bodies of people swiftly.

Tara’s mind could hear the voices. Some were very pleasant and confident, they went through this process with ease. Others, the one’s more comfortable as humans, went through a lot of pain. Tara heard their cries. She did not know if they would complete the process successfully or not. She turned to face the Master, but he was already concentrating on easing their ache. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on these voices too, one by one. Using her powers, she helped as many as she could and released their sufferings.

After some 30 minutes, there was absolute silence in the room. The people had been awakened and they were aware of the reason why. Immense energy could be felt floating in the room. The Galladium had done its job. The Grand Master signaled Tara and Cyrus that they had done a good job and it was now time to move on to other people.

Two days passed with the same process reiterating itself. More and more people were realizing their powers and bowing down to the Master. Within two days, they had together created an army that was enough to suffice the purpose. He decided that it was now time to put all their powers to use.


Shekhar looked at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were red and dark circles had started forming below them. He was not able to sleep for the past few nights. Closing the lid of the basin he lifted the knob of the tap and allowed the gushing water to fill the sink. Once filled entirely, he submerged his head in the basin while his eyes remained open. After about thirty seconds, he pulled off the lid. The water swirled and started draining out. The vortex of water at the sink hole hit him with a realization. His life had not been different from that vortex for the past few days. Everything around him that had solaced him for years was now tossing and tumbling in an inevitable vortex and he was unable to get hold of anything. His love, his family, his life and everything that delimited it was now slithering away from him into a void that he had no idea about just like the water that was draining through the sink hole.

He took a long breath once his head was out of the water. “Tara had been lying to me all these years,” he thought and the revulsion in his eyes was evident in his reflection. His fists were clenched. “This is not the end. The world will know that they have been tricked by the aliens for so many years and this will incite a war, a war that was indispensable. We humans are the superior beings. We will be able purge them and make our planet safe again. My revelations will infuriate the human kind and they will join my hands in this war against the aliens,” he thought.

He went straight to his study after leaving the washroom. He walked upto his cupboard and brought the laptop out. Writing on a typewriter again could not be afforded, he concluded. Keeping his laptop besides his typewriter, his gaze fell onto the photograph that has always offered him a smile; till now. But today, he could feel the rage pumping through his veins. Just as he was about to throw the photograph at the wall in anger, a mail notification from his laptop distracted him.


The 7 RCR was a hum of activity. The Prime Minister had just returned after a two-week long foreign visit. He had returned armed with many deals that would steer the country into an era of economic growth. The man himself was busy going over the complaints and suggestions that he had received from people through the new interactive website of the Prime Minister’s Office.

When a turquoise blue dome entered the room with the sound of a splash, he wasn’t alarmed. He understood what was about to follow. He had been a skeptic when it came to existence of Aliens. But a top secret call from his British and Australian Counterparts early in the morning had alerted him to the presence of these benevolent Aliens called Peace Keepers.

The Dome opened like a flower and out of it emerged a young man dressed in black business suit and wearing spectacles. He was extremely fair. With him was a gorgeous woman with short hair and beautiful features, dressed in a dark gray business suit. She appeared as tall as the man was, as she was wearing stilettos.

 “Good Evening, Mr. Prime Minister.  How are you this evening?” asked the young man bowing to him.

“I believe I am okay. I was anticipating your arrival. Do take your seats,” said the honorable Prime Minister with his characteristic smile. After guiding them to their seats, he asked them to explain the objective of their visit.

“Sorry to intrude Mr. Prime Minister. But the matter is of utmost urgency. We generally keep away from intruding in the government affairs. But at this troubled time, we require assistance. Let me introduce myself. I am Omega, the master of peacekeepers. And this is Clariota, my second in command,” said Cyrus aka Omega, the master of the Peacekeepers.

While Omega talked, Clariota supported him with visuals created on a blue projection board that was created using beams that emerged out of her hand. By the end of their presentation, the Prime Minister was up on his feet.

“Explain to me what facilities have to be provided and where. I will see to it that the public is kept out and that the place is prepared exactly in the way you want it. Nothing is greater than the protection of the Mother Earth. You have my full support and that of my government. Absolute secrecy would be maintained,” said the Prime Minister.

Clariota and Omega stood up after thanking the great man. Some other heads of states that they had visited had been too difficult to convince.

The eight countries at eight critical points on the earth, which would be crucial in their plan to counter the attack from the Gray Aliens, were now cooperating with the Peacekeepers.

The stage was set for the paramount most salvation that had ever happened in the history of the earth.

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