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BlogAdda Game of Blogs: Team ByLines- Chapter 19

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“You?!” exclaimed Shekhar. Cyrus was the last person anybody in the room had expected right then. Jennifer stood up from beside Tara, her eyes hooked on Cyrus and mind in a turmoil trying to absorb what she had just heard.

“Tara, you are not what you think you are. You are not one of them. You do not belong here and that is the truth,” Cyrus said, ignoring Shekhar and Jennifer’s piercing looks. He carefully closed the door behind him and entered the house.  He walked towards Tara. Placing one hand over his forehead, he tried to transfer his thoughts onto Tara’s mind.

“Ouch. My head hurts! Cyrus, stop! Stop whatever you are doing,” shouted Tara, shutting her eyes tightly to release the pain. Shekhar ran towards Cyrus and pushed him back.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Shekhar exclaimed. Come what may, he could not see Tara in any further pain. Cyrus looked up at Shekhar, his eyes burning bright with determination. Fear gripped Shekhar and he stepped back.

“Tara, you can handle the pain. You need to! It’s more important for you right now to realize who you are, where you’re from.” The desperation in Cyrus’ voice was evident.

“I am as human as anybody in this room is. My name Tara Dutta, and I am from this very planet. What is wrong with everybody here?” Tara barely managed to say. A drop of sweat rushed down her spine as she finished. 

“Alright. When you’re not ready to see what I want to show you, be ready to hear it. I will tell you everything. I will tell you all everything.” Shekhar, Tara and Jennifer looked at Cyrus, confused.
Roohi was sitting in a corner patiently. She was relieved that Cyrus was finally going to tell them what had been puzzling her for days. He was one of those who were a complete enigma to her.  She never heard his thoughts when she wanted. But sometimes certain notions came to her head as though he was projecting his thoughts for her to receive. And at that moments, the thoughts were pleading for assistance.

“Tara Dutta is a name you have adopted for yourself. You are Clariota. Clariota, a very powerful peacekeeper alien.”

The sweat-soaked Tara went pale.

“In your dreams, I am,” snapped Tara.

“Listen, please. Sit down everybody. I will begin at the beginning. Right at the place and time where it all began,” Cyrus said after making everybody to sit on the living room sofa.

 “Some 4,320,00 years ago, Earth was invaded by the Anunnakis, an advanced civilization from the tenth planet of our solar system. They are also known as the gray aliens due to their gray skin tone. 

 Their aim was to extract galladium or monoatomic gold from the vast oceans of earth. More than that they needed the elemental gold from which also they could extract Galladium. They capitalized over the Persian Gulf area in search of gold mines.”

“2,500,00 years ago, the lower echelon gray alien miners rebelled against the conditions in the mines. They refused to work. To replace them, Anunnaki heads decided to create slaves. Enki, their scientist and Ninhursag, their medical officer experimented with the Homoerutus species that inhabited earth then.  In order make them intelligent enough they mixed a few  Anunnaki genes with those of Homo erectus. The resulting species was the homosapiens or modern day humans. As the demand for work became greater, they genetically modified them to reproduce. Eventually, humans became so numerous that they started spreading over the planet.”

“So we all are aliens in that case! We are all Homo sapiens. Why is everybody pointing fingers at me?!” interrupted Tara.

“I have not finished yet. Humans eventually started overpowering the Anunnakis as they increased in population. After acquiring all the gold that they could get hold of, the Anunnakis escaped from the earth. What they left behind were their slaves- humans, and a secret! This secret that they had discovered, and left behind was the key to harness the energy of the Earth. They had no use of it then. Hence, they left without it. But now, the secret is something every scientist on Earth is after and what earth requires at the moment! The keepers of secret also know the secret to create monoatomic gold from ocean water. If we find these secrets, we can stop the Earth from the catastrophe that is looming near.”

Jennifer and Shekhar leaned forward eager to grasp the details of what Cyrus was explaining.

“ Anunnakis realized their error a few thousand years ago. They realized that their secret if came into the hands of the humans was going to make them into the most powerful species in the universe. They plan to attack earth and destroy the human race along with the secret. The species they created pose a definite threat to their existence.”

“I heard the peacekeepers protect the earth. So what are they doing?”Jennifer spoke for the first time since Cyrus’ arrival.

“The Peacekeepers have been interacting and watching over humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. We have spies among the gray aliens and that is how we came to know of this plan of the gray aliens. We wanted to find the hidden secret technology that humans can use to heal the Earth. It is faster and safer than all the present day power sources. For this purpose, we sent many peacekeeper aliens to earth to unearth this hidden secret or to find the keepers of this secret,” paused Cyrus.

 “Many failed as the tasks that were supposed to be performed by this peacekeeper required great skills. That is when we decided to send our most powerful one to earth, Clariota. Clariota is none other than who you know as Tara,” he said and Tara jumped up from the couch.

“Me? I am that powerful peacekeeper alien? Then why do I not know anything about it??” said Tara, panicked and astonished at the same time. Her body had frozen and her mind refused to register anything. She looked at Shekhar for solace, but his eyes were glued to Cyrus.

“Because you were so fascinated by the humans when you lived with them that you started to be like them. You walked liked them, you talked like them, you dressed like them and now, you even feel like them! You stopped creating the protective shield around you that protect us peacekeepers from being effected by human emotions. The result was that the emotions drowned out all your powers. You still posses many, the reason why I am unable to communicate with you telepathically, the way peacekeepers communicate, is because you shield my thoughts. Your powers keep popping out of the grave every now and then, asking you to recognise them, helping you through each difficult stage of life and you? You call it luck and move on. You need to realise your inner strengths and powers and let them overpower your human instincts. Do you see how successful you are? It is because of that 5% of your power that you use. Imagine the miracles you can create by using them efficiently! You can help save the humans from the gray aliens! You need to do that for us.”

“And how do you know all this, if I may ask you Mr. Stranger?” Shekhar asked Cyrus. He did not know whether to believe Cyrus or not. Having done some research, he knew some of Cyrus’ theories were right. But how could he believe his wife was not really his own?

“You have no choice, Mr. Dutta. I am Omega, the master of the Peacekeepers. I have come down to awaken all the peacekeeper aliens who have forgotten their purpose, just like Clariota,” Cyrus said and then glared at Tara.

Tara’s mind started to whorl. Why does this all sound so familiar? Could Cyrus really be my master? Just as she closed her eyes, she saw images of thousands of people bidding her goodbye. She saw Cyrus giving her lessons, showing her how to use her powers. Her head ached.

On realising that Tara was having visuals, Cyrus saw a ray of hope again.
“Do you see that Clariota? Do you see those people? You belong to them. Do you see your own power? You need to awaken them to fulfil our purpose.” His voice was deep and heavy. Tara suddenly opened her eyes, unable to take anymore. The redness in her eyes gave away her fear.

“Cyrus, why do you think any of us will believe you? I let you live with us on recommendation of your professor.  And these visuals I am getting can be created by any advanced hypnotist which I believe you are. You are no master. There are no peacekeepers. I do not have any powers. Nobody is trying to invade the earth. Gray aliens do not really exist! I don’t know why you are targeting me. But I think you should leave now.” Tara shouted. She was adamant.

“You do not realise the seriousness of…”

“Are you even listening to me? LEAVE. NOW.”

Cyrus gave Tara a sympathetic look. He knew the strength that the woman had would make it really difficult for him to break her thoughts. His telepathy was not working on her. He stood up and with a pleading glance towards Roohi that spoke much, and silently walked towards the door.

He turned back on reaching the door and pointed at Shekhar. “You! I believe now that you know who I am, you must also know how much power I hold. If I see you with that typewriter again tonight, trying to paint us in a colour that doesn’t suit us, you really well know what I am capable of doing. For your petty selfish greed, I cannot risk the entire humanity. You will never succeed writing that book down. I am warning you, Mr. Dutta, do not burden me with an innocent’s life.” He left, closing the door behind him with a bang.   

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