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Blogadda Game of blogs- Team ByLines: Chapter 12

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Away from the swarm and the throng, from the mundane routines and the toxic carnal, there was a place hiding all the answers.  The clandestine was covered with lush green surroundings. To the eastward the main valley lay outspread. On the opposite side the land fell away in gullies into the sea. Small as the piece of land was, it had in it a quality of awakening majesty. The rich green thickets lying in the splendour of the westerning sun, added to the solemnity. The brick red wall hid everything from view, but ofcourse the people knew where they were. The place they had leased was a charming little brick house, with a neat flight of marble. Far edged steps lead up to its wide-arched door, leading to a dark room; the kind of darkness you experience before the enlightening.

The peaceful surroundings only contradicted the internal turmoil of the people as their inner wars were stirred. The high amount of energy suspended in the air could not be endured by a naive person. All looked still inside the room, only a figure moved, to and fro. It seemed to be demonstrating knowledge to the herd sitting on the floor, using simple hand gestures sometimes or enacting a process at other times- involving the entire body in it.

The nervous system is our detector system and monitors how we interface with the world”, said a familiar voice. The calmness of the tone could soothe all your conflicts and tumults, and yet arouse a different restlessness in you. “This is not any normal meditation technique. If your normal meditation is Toyota Corolla, then, Kundalini Meditation is your Aston Martin, on no gas tanks! It takes you on a ride of your life. Kundalini is the awakening of the charka, soul, mind and body. It is a pathway into a different world, as some call it dimension.”

The seated individuals had their entire body concentrated in grasping every word that the man uttered. They let those words penetrate in them, deeper with every breath.

“Take a deep breath. Ooooooommmmm. Feel it in your entire body. Yes. Now slowly release. Shhhaaaaannnntttiiiiiiiiii. Feel the venoms moving out through your nostrils with the air. Repeat.”

He took a long pause.

“As yogic tradition describes it, Kundalini awakening is complex physio-psycho-spiritual transformative process. We activate with the star circling the Kundalini energy and then meditate on the light within us.” He then brought his palms together in front of his chest and breathing again, slowly moved them upwards. The others followed.

“Don't force things. The Kundalini is a great power, which leads us to enlightenment. But it comes by grace. The purpose is to divert the sexual energy to the brain. This is the Secret of Life — plain and simple. Only by sublimating sexual energy, can one reach the very heights of illumination.”

Allow me to take you back in time. The true origins of Kundalini are severely misunderstood. Many people, especially Hindus say that it began with the sages around 5000-10,000 years ago. But where did these sages gather the knowledge of the true origin? The science of Kundalini Energy was in fact given to Hindu sages by the 'Manas', or better known as Annunaki and Pleiades, you know, the ones who come from the Heaven. The sages of such ancient time thought these beings were Gods, and it was God who gave them the blessing of such powers by touching their forehead. But they were no Gods. They were the ones who organized our DNA. They transformed us and our minds in the 3rd stage of humans. They made us who we are today. They protected us and guarded with their life for centuries. It is the arrogance of man, their culture and establishments which have failed to acknowledge them, shamelessly. Fulfilling my duty to present these ideas of the source which began the spiritual marathon on our planet, I am standing here in front of you.”

All the while that he spoke, he kept gesturing with his hands different positions of relaxing the mind and stirring the kundalini within. The others kept following.

“Now sit still and close your eyes. Put your right palm over your left everybody.” He turned on a soothing music which people recognized as a version of raag Bhopali. With the music on, he kept talking to them in between.

“Now the question is, how can one awaken his Kundalini? For some, we can talk about involuntary activation, like what happened to one of my disciples. These Kundalini experiences can happen anytime, anywhere, in any set of circumstances and cannot, therefore, be the result of a method. Because he was more in contact with his inner being than any of you have been in your entire life, the Kundalini within him would keep fighting to get awakened every now and then. It rushed up his spinal cord and hit the outer curve of his head hard. On reaching the middle of his head, he suddenly was one with the cosmos. He felt supreme bliss. Some hours after this experience, he was very restless, but things slowly began to calm down on their own.  The energy he experienced on those times was tremendous. He could punch a wall to pieces. Through the assistance of a guru, you can guide this inner energy in the right direction.”

“The touch of an awakened person or simply looking into his eyes can help rouse similar feelings in you. You will feel a certain familiarity looking in those eyes. But for completing the process, you must be willing to let the Kundalini awaken. Mind you, it can also lead to very disastrous results if you try to hold back for too long.”

His voice almost synced with the silent music in the background. The two together produced mystical feelings!

“The vision one gets in Kundalini meditation is simply a true manifestation of the unseen past or the unseen future. I cannot describe to you what the world of Kundalini looks like. You have to experience it on your own.” He continued.

Seeing that most people were already going to experience an initial stage of bliss via the meditation, he stopped the music abruptly. “You are not ready yet. You do not know how to control your powers hence you cannot receive them yet. When you learn to take control of your life, then and only then shall you be ready to learn the truth of origin. When that happens, you shall be ready to enter this other world.” Saying these words, he brought everybody back to their absolute senses. He couldn’t afford to let them penetrate any deeper into themselves. Kundalini meditation can prove to be as harmful as it can be fruitful.

This was now a normal routine for him. For him and for many other trainers around the world. Their hidden identity made it easier for them to control their powers and survive in the crowd. 

“They have all done too much harm to themselves, drifted too far from their originality. It is only going to get difficult by the day to awaken them. We have to find an alternative out.” He murmured to himself and rose to leave.


While secretly many such sessions were being held world-wide, Tara found solace under a cold water shower, absolutely unaware. 

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