Friday 15 August 2014

The butterfly effect

At long last she found that butterfly, reveling its reunion with the garden flowers. Butterflies show semblance to freedom, she had heard. Envious, she carefully grabbed and bottled it, hindering its bond.

"Siya, come on get back to studies", her mom called. Ah, reunions!


Written for From 15 to 50 prompt by Shailaja V. She's started a new monthly challenge and it's already so much fun! Go pay her a visit.

From 15 to 50


  1. Looks like the butterfly was not too happy about being taken away from his habitat :) Much like Siya and her reunion with studies. Interesting play on the comparisons there. Well mirrored. Thank you so much for linking this up, Soumyaa!

    1. I've enjoyed writing and reading other takes on the prompt, Shailaja :)


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