Saturday 18 January 2014

Those first few drops

My 3rd floor bedroom window can prove to be a boon sometimes, which I normally take to be a disadvantage, it opening directly to the roadway. But sitting there, while the first rains of the year broke down relieving us of the roasting heat, I saw life coming alive. While it did not rain heavily the first day, it was more than mere drizzling. I coupled by coffee with a few 'hide n seek's and sat at the window, trying to feel the cool breeze.
I saw an old lady passing by a puddle of water. She did not seem very pleased to be getting wet in the rains, but neither had she made any attempt to shelter herself. No raincoat, no umbrella, nor did she lift her saree up to her head as a shelter, in the conventional manner. Sure it did not look like it could rain for very long, then why did she not wait under a tree or at a port till the rains ended.  Or was she in a haste? Even if she was, she could have asked somebody to give her a lift, her son or daughter probably. Or maybe she did not live with her children. What about her husband? So under all these circumstances, she must be feeling so helpless and reclusive and shag! Oh wait, she just waved! I couldn't see to whom, the road was clear at this point. She waved once, and then concentrated on making her way through the puddle. Aha! There I saw another old lady come out of a society, 100 meters away. So she was probably going to meet her friend. The two hired an auto and left. So, was her life story actually tragic or was it just me assuming? Probably I should just stop thinking about her and why was she out in the rains. She doesn't even know I exist!
Sipping my coffee and enduring the chocolate flavor of the biscuits, I saw another lady, this time young and on a two wheeler. She had her daughter standing in the front of the two-wheeler. The two seemed to be enjoying the rains. They giggled away together like best friends while the daughter tried catching every rain drop that she could. I liked it, the scene I mean. They looked just-out-of a typical movie. I imagined them in slow motion. I smiled. But before I could analyze them further to draw ideas about their lives, they exited the preview of my 55 inches window
Then there came a man, in his 20's maybe. He was frowning, can u believe it?! It showed, that he hated rains. I could understand, the dirty puddles, the insects, the blocked roads, cancellation of plans, no outdoors, the humidity! But the first few rains are always to be respected! They alleviate us of the sizzles of the summer sun. You either do not go out during this time, or if you do, you cannot be frowning! He must have some other issues too in his life. Maybe money problems, unsatisfactory job- he did not look of the well-to-do sorts. So maybe his boss sent him for some work, in the rains, and so he was frustrated at him. I wanted to go upto him and tell him how necessary it was for him to enjoy every fold that life brings you to. I wanted to show him what I was seeing through the window that day, so many joyous faces, the perky and the playful people. I wanted him to know what he was missing, being so spiritless that evening. Problems are supposed to be solved, not to burden yourself with so that you miss those beautiful moments life has brought you to. There must be a thousand people waiting to rush out and feel those first few drops on their sweat-wet face. And when this man gets a chance, he dislikes it! He frowns! He might be wanting something else from life, but shouldn't be disrespecting what life is already giving him, I agreed.
Just then I heard someone call out my name. I brought myself back to reality and saw a friend, my junior in high-school, calling out to me. He must have seen me at the window and asked me to come down for a ride in the rain. I thought of refusing at first, I wanted to spend more time at the window- gazing away all by myself. Then I realized, here was an opportunity to enjoy those first few drops, through a bigger window! Definitely, an infinite window. I jumped up and got going.


  1. Hahaha ! Loved the way you expressed about the bigger and infinite window. :). Your analysis about the people you saw made me remember something which Franz Kafka once wrote somewhere. Though I could not read much, the style in which he wrote remained with me forever.
    I loved the first picture. Rain drops have always intrigued me and many a times I even tried to take snaps of the world through the rain drops which were just about to drop from leaves or railings or even from the hanging wires. :)

    P.S. Without the glass fixed on the window, you can enjoy the rain even better :D

    1. Isn't it such a beautiful sight? The world through the drops falling from leaves or railings. I'd love to see those pictures of you sometime!
      I tried connecting with you over google+ but couldn't establish a connection. Why don't you add your email to your blogger profile.

    2. I'm really sorry to say that I don't use Google+ or FB or even Twitter :). I just created a blogger profile as I love to read all those wonderful pieces written by so many wonderful and talented people out there.

    3. ~and about those pictures, yes sometime ! sure.

    4. That's a wonderful idea then :) All the best and have fun!
      Thank you for checking out my blog! I feel humbled :D


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