Tuesday 10 March 2015

Starting a new life

She had lived in Jambusar all her life. She was born there, she grew up there, she got married there, she raised her children there. As far as her mind could reach back in time to reveal memories, all were connected with Jambusar. She remembered how in her childhood she played with her friends and siblings around the biggest banyan tree then. She remembered hiding around clock towers, walking past Chotu ka Dhaba on her way to school and crossing railway lines to reach the market. She remembered celebrating Diwali and Holi with the people in Jambusar. As she grew up, the city grew with her. Chotu ka Dhaba was now an A.C. Restaurant and access to the market was made much more easier through fly over constructions. She got married in the well-known Devi ka mandir in Jambusar where devotees from across the country came to pray. Her children studied in the same school as hers, which was now bigger and better equipped.

Her parents had died in the same city and her now her husband was cremated there too. There was no life away from Jambusar. She didn't know of a life like that! She was happy in her small town which literally meant the world to her.

So when Aditya, her son, came up to her and asked her to shift with him to Mumbai where he had got a job proposal, her mind filled with delusion.

“But how can I leave this city? I have never lived anywhere but here.”
“I know mother, I understand your plight. But I really do not wish to leave you alone here and this job is a wonderful opportunity for me. We’ll keep coming here I promise you.”
“No Aditya, I'm growing old now. I don't think I can adjust to the kind of life they live in Mumbai. This is where I belong and this is where I want to live till my last breath.” She insisted.
“Mother, come live with me for a few months. If you think you're never going to feel comfortable in Mumbai then I'll bring you back here. But please give this a try? For me? I'll do all I can to make you feel homely there.”

What does a mother do in such a situation? She decided to give a try to this new kind of life.
“Okay, what have I to loose anyway.”

When at her age people give up the hope of living a new life, she decided to start another phase of hers. This phase, she believed would be the most difficult because it was no less than being reborn, in another era. She still gathered courage and went to live a new life in Mumbai, starting afresh.

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