Saturday 15 February 2014

My room was haunted. But I'm stronger than a spook!

So, this gloomy winter night I was engrossed in studying, studying my nails, when I heard a clanking sound from the other room. At first I didn't pay heed, my first guess was my mom. But it was well past 12 o'clock and she usually isn't much of an owl. I continued studying. Then it came again, and then again and the next time I sat up straight.
I called out to my mother and my brother but in vain. I never have understood why do they make people in those horror flicks go out into the dark to look for the creepy sound or smell or a figure that they saw. If it's creepy, why would you wanna face it again for anything in the world? I decided to stay glued to my bed and under my blanket. As my heartbeats grew normal gradually, the clanking sound decided to come nearer this time and give me a panic-attack. It came from inside my room. In a fit of a second my mind rationalized all the possibilities. It couldn't have been an insect or a rodent because we did not have one in the house. It couldn't have been my mother or my brother because they were not invisible. It couldn't have been me, I was me, on the bed. It couldn't have been God, I've heard when he comes he brightens up the entire place like a part of the sun and my room was still dark.
Maybe it was my dead father, maybe he wanted to convey something to me by making unintelligible sounds. That sounded like a possibility. So I gathered strength and asked in a reedy, scratchy voice - "Dad? Is that you?"

I had no idea what I was talking to or who I was talking to (I still don't know if spirits are things or beings) but it felt like I WAS addressing somebody. After a few seconds, I let my reedy voice out again, "Dad, you don't have to be ashamed to talk to me. I understand you had to die, I won't be blaming you". No reply, no sound. I guess dad was taken aback that I recognized him though he gave nothing out. Well done little Jason Hawes!

And then I heard a nasal voice, catarrhal. It came from my open window. You might think it was the wind blowing, but doesnt that make too much of a coincidence, I hear a noise in my room, try and talk to the spirit and just then the wind blows through my windows? If you are like me, you wouldn't dare get up from your bed to close the window, however cold it felt just then. It was only dad, i agree, but you can never trust these spirits, can you?

I tried getting dad himself to do me the favor. "Umm, dad, I would love talking to you, but before getting there, could you do me a favor and close the window there? We do not want other spirits of the cold winds disturbing us. Thank you."


"Dad please? I promise I'll forgive you for leaving behind an animal of a sibling for me."


I guess I got my laziness from him. He wanted to get straight, i"ll give him straight, I thought. Not aloud I hoped.
"So, you wanted to talk? But you're giving me no reactions. How can we talk this way?"


"Oh okay I have an idea. I understand your vocal cords have been taken away from you, so you answer via my thoughts! The first thought I get shall be what you intend to say. Cool."

And that's how I started talking to him.
"So why did you come back now, after all these years? For pizza? Seriously dad? You want pizza at 1 am? You should have come in the afternoon. I'm sorry I can't help you there. Anything else you need me to do for you, feel free to ask. You want me to iron your clothes? Dad stop being weird. Tell me, what do you do up there all day long? Oh you watch T.V. Nice! What's your favorite show? Damn! I like The Big Bang Theory too. You watch castle? High five! You'll love FRIENDS too, I'd give it to you in my hard disk, I have all the seasons, but I don't think they would have provided you with a computer there, especially when you already have a T.V. Yeah, life in heaven is so over-rated. You're not in heaven?? Oh My, I'm sorry to hear that dad, it's just that mom keeps telling me how good a person you were! There exists no heaven now? That is horseassbullshit! No, no i don't trust you. You will kill me if I don't trust you? Dad? You are being weird again."

And then it struck me, what if this hazy air was not really my dad? My dead dad would never talk of killing me. I decided to test him.

"Dad, what was the name of the hospital I was born in?"

Nothing. No thought crossed my mind.

"There you go! You're not my dad! You little pathetic discourteous phony ingratiating inamicable spirit! Go away from me. I never want to see you again. GOO! Just GO! Leave my room right Now!" I shouted that out loud.

I waited. 2 mins, 3 mins, 5 mins. Nothing. It probably had gone after all. I was still too scared to close the window. I gathered strength and knelt down under my bed to see if it was hiding there by any chance, as that was the only hiding place in my room. No. It was empty. I cuddled back into my blanket and shut my eyes tight. I almost had a connection with that spirit. Only if it wouldn't lie to me...

From then to now, I never heard of that spirit again, I must have scared it to death. What is it called when spirit's die? Anyway, I feel stronger than a spook now. :D


  1. Ha ha ha seriously that was something I loved to read not just once :). The content may look silly or childish but the way you presented it is something worth praising. Yes this is really something which i want to show all the kids who love to read. (don't get me wrong when I say childish. Every one has a child inside and we need to unleash the innocence of that child sometimes :)...). From the way you penned this Piece, I can say that you can actually write some nice children's stories.

    " I promise I'll forgive you for leaving behind an animal of a sibling for me."--That was hillarious :P.
    On a different note when I'm in a difficult situation I think of Dad. I feel much stronger just by thinking that he is somewhere there for me always ready to help.

    1. Haha! Thank you. Now that you've put the idea in my head, I'll try my hand at children's stories too. This post was intented to be childishly funny, so im not taking you wrong :) Go ahead and show to the kids, I'll love to be read ! :D
      And I'm sure your dad too is somewhere, helping you. Don't ever feel weak or helpless. You have a hand over you!


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